Key Features:

Minimum Age 30 Days
Maximum Age 15 years
Maximum Age at Maturity 24 years
Sum Assured
Minimum Sum Assured 50,000
Maximum Sum Assured 75,00,000
Policy Term
Minimum Term 9 years
Maximum Term 24 years
Premium Discount on Mode of Premium Payment
Yearly Mode 2{3eaecfa82e4f4eff8133e5df53988f0f62fa7bf878f05d2a3f199ddb687cbe0d}
Half Yearly Mode 1{3eaecfa82e4f4eff8133e5df53988f0f62fa7bf878f05d2a3f199ddb687cbe0d}
Quarterly Mode Nil
Monthly Mode 5{3eaecfa82e4f4eff8133e5df53988f0f62fa7bf878f05d2a3f199ddb687cbe0d} extra charge
Sum Assured Discount
Sum Assured 250,000.00 to 499,999.00 Rs 1 per thousand
Sum Assured 500,000 and above Rs 2 per thousand

On survival of life assured to Maturity Date:

Survival To Benefit Payable
After 16 years 15{3eaecfa82e4f4eff8133e5df53988f0f62fa7bf878f05d2a3f199ddb687cbe0d}
After 18 years 25{3eaecfa82e4f4eff8133e5df53988f0f62fa7bf878f05d2a3f199ddb687cbe0d}
After 21 years 25{3eaecfa82e4f4eff8133e5df53988f0f62fa7bf878f05d2a3f199ddb687cbe0d}
After 24 years 35{3eaecfa82e4f4eff8133e5df53988f0f62fa7bf878f05d2a3f199ddb687cbe0d} + Vested Bonus

Product Launch Date:2075-04-06